Нурмагомедов Хабиб

@rizvan__magomedov всегда говорил: желание есть — все есть по этой схеме и двига…

@rizvan__magomedov всегда говорил: желание есть — все есть😁 по этой схеме и двигались мы с самого начало.
А @juraze имел другой взгляд, он говорил: главное витаминное обогащение.
Более тщательный расклад на все они сами вам дадут))))
#3yearsago #sanfrancisco #brothers

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  1. 👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍✅👍

  2. He is very good person which I never see a guy like him in my life he raise the name of Islam religion good to see that ….and one more thing that the love in between the friends … when we see in TV videos you guys look like real brothers the love in between in you all .Allah always kept it safe …I inspire from u a lot ……lot of thing you teaches us that’s help us in to grow up …… khabib brother I m talking about you brother…… we like so much … and I like the way to teach the lesson to Conor in front of anyone… I like that …… the word which I like the most is say in every fight .Allah is great ..number 1 is Allah no doubt. U say stay humble which is very good …assalamualekum😇 ..and Islam is always eating I like him also and Abubakar, umar …… I like the dance of zubaira, Usman, you all guys are awesome @khabib_nurmagomedov @islam_makhachev @zubairatukhugov @abubakar_nurmagomedov ……

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